Why many couples are using services of escort agencies ?


Growing popularity of escort services could be explained in terms of cultural tourism. People visit distant lands for tourism. Tourism can also be a pleasure trip for those accessing escort services. Accessing escort services could even be termed a modern form of dating, more specifically, cross cultural dating. Escort service also reflects an increasing commercialization of life, as even company of an escort for half an hour or friendship now come as paid services.

There is growing distance between couples as well within marriage. Closing gender gap has made women more assertive of their demands, which explains both their access of paid service and growing alienation within marriage. Also, unwillingness to have more children and breakdown of the old family system is encouraging unconventional social behavior.

With education, awareness and acceptance of innate human desires as natural and therefore justified, has increased. Hence objection to fulfillment of human cravings is not considered justifiable, even inhuman in fact, on grounds of reason. Science would not support restriction though religion forbids it. Religion though has waned in influence over the years as a social force. This explains the growing willingness on the part of couples to access paid service for companionship, nowadays.

Contrary to popular perception, bright women from decent family backgrounds are offering services as paid escorts. Company of a premier girls can therefore be socially fulfilling.

Desire for younger, prettier company drives couples to seek professional escort service. While couples can stay committed to each other, they can seek professional companionship for some change, which may not be entirely unacceptable. Though religion forbids extra marital alliances, a more agnostic view reflects a more empathetic understanding of it, which may be termed more human. However, quality escort agencies are often offering escorts for that aim only.

Apart from the above stated specific reasons why couples are seeking escort services, there is the more common reason why couples are looking elsewhere and that is just the desire for an interesting sexual experience. In the modern world, contentment has given ground to satiation of desire, which explains why more couples are accessing escort services.

Accessing paid service could also be explained as therapy to address problems in marriage. An evening out with an escort can help resolve difficulties one might be facing in marriage. This endorses the traditionally held view that escort is really a companion to talk to and spend quality time with, rather than someone to have sex with.

Globalization and breakdown of the old communist regimes that imposed order on society can also be termed factors in the growing openness in society that is evident in East European nations. Developing world is also under pressure to open up which has in fact happened to a large extent.

Growing willingness on the part of couples to access paid escort service is simply are a reflection of the wider trend towards secularization of life, and rising material prosperity evident across the world.


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